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Car maintenance is a little like self-care.

Your car runs fine, except for the occasional rough sputtering engine noise.

Your brakes are fine, just a little slow to stop sometimes.

While passing another car on I-10, the engine hiccups. Unable to pass safely, you move back into the right lane.

Safe, but still sputtering.

The engine needs a tune-up.

Doesn’t have to be today.

You’ll definitely get around to it soon.

For now, there are other things to do, places to be, people to see.

Until…back on I-10,

A large truck stops directly in front of you.

You slam on your brakes!

The car almost stops before you hit the back of that truck. But not quite.

There’s damage, but it’s still drivable.

Add a brake job and some front-end work to your maintenance list!

Yes, life is difficult, but YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

You know something needs to change, otherwise you would not be on this page today.

Is the self-sufficient part of you ready for some crash prevention maintenance?

Or, will you just wait and hope for the best?

People can learn to develop resilience.

Maintenance can be done before there’s an emergency.

Bumpers can be repaired.

YOU ARE NOT BROKEN – neither should you put off getting help any longer.

Sometimes, negative thoughts and behaviors fade temporarily, and it is easy to feel “normal” for a while. But they keep returning, causing you to feel BROKEN.

Procrastination or loss of courage NOW could cause you to CRASH, because some problems need expert treatment for full recovery and happiness.

So, since you are not BROKEN, what do you require to feel UNBROKEN?

Routine Maintenance for Cars & People

Just like your car works better when seemingly little (but serious) problems are handled before it is too late, we also have to take care of ourselves before our own CRASH.

Evolving Strong is not just our name.

Evolving Strong is our system of maintenance that keeps our clients in shape to face the perils of life without “sputtering”, without CRASHES.

The system involves self-training with expert help, so that our clients never feel that they are broken beyond repair.


Our job here at Evolving Strong is to help you EVOLVE to a stronger, happier place, happier than ever before.

Be in control of your own thoughts and behaviors.

Fix the problems.

Reach your full potential and achieve your goals.

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Hi, I’m June Singletary, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Director of Evolving Strong.

When you call for your FREE initial consultation, I will introduce you to our practice, and together we will get you on the road to a better place in your life. I have been in therapy, and I have helped hundreds of adult individuals, families, couples, adolescents and children go down that road. I am hopeful because you are here, and I know about the hurt and the emotional turmoil life can bring. Call me soon…

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