What is Evolving Strong?

And why should I care?

Is it continual growth and progress?
Is it about positive change only?
Is it about improving in a systematic way?
If one is Evolving Strong do they fix problems, achieve goals?
Could it be said that striving for excellence is Evolving Strong?
How is therapy considered a way to accomplish Evolving Strong?
Does Evolving Strong mean getting things done?
Do you think you should change from the inside out?

Is Evolving Strong all the above?

If you feel you need to grow in one or several of the areas above, you likely can benefit from the type of therapy and personal growth found in Evolving Strong.

Therapy is about unlocking your potential.

Do you have a need that not only involves Evolving, but involves Evolving Strong?

You have potential not yet discovered. Allow us to help.

What’s Next

Improve your confidence…

…so that you can face any and all new challenges.

Learn how to set goals you actually have a chance to achieve.

Understand simple techniques to overcome any obstacle, and learn to accept yourself while still striving to improve.

Discover the secrets of achieving life balance, and start feeling better about your life and the direction you’re going.

Are you ready for our journey?

Therapy doesn’t have to be boring, and our energetic approach is to involve YOU in a treatment plan made just for you!

No off-the-shelf program for you!

Our therapists and coaches can help you, at Evolving Strong!

I’m June Singletary, MSW, LCSW, the Clinical Director of Evolving Strong, and I’ll be happy to speak to you when you call for your FREE 20-minute phone CONSULTATION.

Set it up NOW

A Little About Me

I have 20+ years as a licensed professional therapist and manager, with training and treatment in Anxiety, Depression, Family Relationships, Adoptions, Child and Teen Behavior and Play Therapy, Bipolar issues, Coping with Sexual and Physical Abuse, PTSD and others.

I earned a Master of Social Work from Florida State University and have been an Educator of new Masters-level therapists preparing for licensure in 3 states. Currently, I am a Qualified Supervisor in the State of Florida for licensure supervision. I have been a Field Instructor for 3 major state universities in Clinical Social Work: Boise State, Utah State, and Florida State University.

In addition to professional training, I’ve worked as a Clinical Director, in Juvenile Justice, for a Church-related organization in Adoptions and Counseling, for a community mental health organization, and I welcome other therapists as clients.

I had a large practice in another state, where I was an owner and Clinical Director, supervising the work of Psychologists, Nurse Practitioners, Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers and others.

Because of my education and experience I’m able to communicate and render assistance to anyone. I connect.

I enjoy my North Florida home (although I also miss Utah where I lived for 10 years), and I enjoy my two fur babies, and family. I like camping, boating, fishing, and interacting with friends from all walks of life. I’m active in my church and love teaching and sharing with family, friends, clients.

If anyone has any positive or negative feedback in receiving the help, the care, or the resources at Evolving Strong, I’m the go-to person.

Call me at (850) 371-5325, and I promise to respond the same day, if possible, or by the next day.

It’s a promise, because I care!