Couples Therapy

“And they lived happily ever after.”

After the fairy tale wedding and ideal honeymoon, that first disagreement happens.

As the years go by, the disagreements continue, causing emotional separation and pain, lack of communication, and financial issues.

With the ups and downs, you begin to wonder if this relationship is worth continuing.

The fairy tale seems to be moving towards an unhappy ending.

When relationships are strained all areas of a couple’s life are affected which includes the physical and emotional relationship of the couple.

Other relationships that can be affected are between parents and children, extended family, friends, and employers.

The entire social and family structure begins to develop negative patterns.

These patterns could be called jealousy, anger, greed, arrogance, poor communication, not understanding each other, inability to solve problems, ill health, attachment, ego, or negative interactions.

Before you give up on your marriage, give us the opportunity to help you.

We can help you…

  • Revive your marriage
  • Rekindle the flame
  • Stop hurting each other
  • Overcome common frustrations
  • Become Mr. and Mrs. Right
  • Feel happy and fulfilled

Our aim is to help ease the pain.

We provide a warm inviting atmosphere with a nonjudgmental impartial therapist.

Optimally, we’ll need to have both parties meet with the therapist and offer goals they have for the improving the relationship.

We’ll ask you to complete an assessment, which should be completed by each person separately. This gives us a base from which to proceed.

In the next few sessions, you may meet separately or together with us, and we’ll formulate a treatment option and plan that will resolve major issues.

If you agree to the plan, the work begins!

It will take a grueling effort sometimes…

…and the work of all parties in this therapeutic relationship determines how it turns out.

We will be successful!

Your relationship as a couple is worth the effort now to reclaim those feelings you had when you started out as a couple.

I would love to be involved, to help you get there. That is my passion!

Stop the pain.

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