Group Therapy

Sharing in Group with others can help your healing.

Sometimes you need a space to share your experiences with others who are facing similar challenges and struggles. When you make the decision to attend Group therapy, you’ll experience the many helpful benefits to find support and healing.

Clients realize they’re not alone, even though they may have different issues than other group members.

You’ll find that you have many issues in common and are able to relate to other members. Group therapy allows members to give and receive support to each other.

Find your voice through Group Therapy.

You’ll learn how to relate to others, as well as yourself, in healthier ways.

Experience the comfort of a safety net as you share your experiences, and form new friendships with other members.

Groups provide a sounding board and help propel you forward.

Under the watchful eye of the therapist, members can improve their social skills and their desire to gain approval of their associates.

Share space with others who are for YOU.

If you’re struggling with depression, social anxiety, obesity, panic disorder, anger, shyness, loss and grief, loneliness, or low self-esteem, let Group therapy help you find relief.

Groups consist of up to 10 individuals with one therapist. Sessions are approximately 1 hour long, held weekly.

Some people may attend both individual and group therapy, while others may only attend groups.

Group Therapy or Individual Therapy?

Sometimes, a certain group may not be readily available because we do not have a sufficient number of clients in a common therapy category. The sooner you seek group therapy, the sooner those openings will exist in a group near you.

Let’s get started today, even with Individual Therapy, if necessary.

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