Family Therapy

No family is excused from tough times.

These times can be caused by stress, anger, or grief, and they will affect all members of the family.

Whether it’s a family member’s mental illness, conflicts between siblings, children and parents, or spouses, problems in school, behavioral challenges, disagreements about finances, infidelity, separation/divorce, shared custody issues, or a family member’s illness or death everyone in the family is affected.

Family issues and challenges can also affect work, school, or interactions with others.

When these issues feel like they’re too big to handle, it’s time to seek help.

Family therapy can make a difference and help all members: couples, children, members of the extended family.

Our therapist will help you navigate how to handle struggles, conflicts, and other challenges.

Through therapy, families learn to resolve conflicts, communicate better, and show love, kindness and respect.

Your family can resolve the issues that cause disharmony.

And we can help.

Our therapist will meet with your family to make sure that everyone understands what’s going on.

Each family member will be asked about how they view the problem, what started the problem, and how the family is coping.

You and your family will learn communication skills, problem-solving skills, find new ways to work together, and learn new techniques to get through difficult times, as they will likely emerge again.

They say families are forever.

No group of people you associate with are more important to you than your family.

Imagine being in a room with your immediate family and a trained, licensed experienced therapist, with the sole purpose of helping make your family strong, secure, happy.

If you’re not sure your family members want that, it’s time for Family Therapy.

Call (850) 371-5325 now to arrange your free 20-minute initial phone consultation. You’ll be amazed how happy your family can be.