Personal Coaching

Break through your barriers with Personal Coaching.

You have big goals and dreams, but for some reason you can’t seem to pull together all that is needed to achieve those goals and dreams.

I know I could do more, and be more, if I could just get unstuck and start heading in the right direction.

Your life is out of balance.

I need an accountability partner who will work with me to make sure I stay on track.

You have money, career, or retirement issues that seem to control you instead of you being in control.

Mindset issues, such as procrastination, self-sabotaging thoughts or actions, negativity, fear (of success or failure), or others that you know you should overcome are keeping you trapped.

I want and need to excel in life, in my career or business, and relationships.

It’s time to fine-tune yourself.

And working with one of our certified coaches can help.

What is Coaching?

Personal coaching is NOT therapy. Our coaches have extensive training and experience in life and business that can help you break through your barriers.

We’ve developed and tested a unique 6 step method that can help anyone, in any situation and in any role take the next step to success and beyond.

This system is NOT available anywhere else.

So, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, or an executive in a big company, or anywhere in between we can help.

No matter your problems or goals, our coaches can help.

We’ll teach you how to apply our method to fix those problems, achieve those goals, and to evolve.

Business, life, financial, relationship, and mindset issues CAN be overcome with the help of our coaches and coaching method.

Having problems in your business, such as marketing, keeping projects on target, need to increase revenues, or dealing with employees? Coaching can help.

Struggles in your marriage, dealing with in-laws, raising children, or thriving in a blended family? Coaching can help.

Having problems moving up the corporate ladder, getting the recognition you deserve, or dealing with co-workers? Coaching can help.

Everyone’s situation is unique.

Because every person’s situation is different, we have flexible options to get the boost you need.

How does it work?

We can do coaching:

  • On the telephone. We’ll give you a call-in number and you can call in from wherever you are.
  • Through face-to-face video. For this, you’ll need a good internet connection, microphone, and speakers of some sort. You can use your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC.
  • In person. Some clients choose this option but travel expenses for the coach may make this out of reach from a financial standpoint.
  • In small groups. You can join one of our group coaching programs that will help you learn and help others in the group. This is a popular choice due to reduced fees compared to 1-1 coaching.

Your coach will:

  • Help you create strategies and an action plan that will work best for you in your quest to fine-tune yourself.
  • Help you take action. We won’t talk about the past very much but will focus on today and the future and what can be done to move forward.
  • Ask questions. Coaching clients are not sick or broken and are expected to find their own answers with the guidance of the coach. Each person’s circumstances are different, so each person may require a different approach to get unstuck.
  • Hold you accountable. Your coach expects you to do what you say you are going to do and will follow up with you to make sure it’s done and help you overcome obstacles that may be holding you back.
  • Give you their input, advice, and encouragement.
  • Listen. Not feeling heard holds a lot of people back.

We have developed a series of tools which includes assessments, worksheets, checklists, and more to help you grow.

Depending on which format coaching takes, there may also be recordings available, so you can listen again if you happen to miss something.

Depending on your situation, coaching may not be for you.

Who Is Coaching NOT For?

While coaching can help almost anyone, there are some situations where it should be avoided and other help systems such as therapy or self-study may be more appropriate.

  • Those with mental health issues that are better addressed in Individual Therapy. If problems such as severe depression or anxiety are affecting you coaching probably won’t work until you resolve those issues.
  • If you can’t make your own decisions about the problem or goal and act accordingly, coaching may not work.
  • If you can’t accept responsibility (not blaming anyone else or any other circumstances for your problems) and make the changes needed, coaching may not work.
  • If you aren’t humble enough to accept the guidance of someone who can help you break through and willing to change what you’ve always done, coaching may not work.
  • If you feel hopeless or like you are a loser who doesn’t deserve anything good or similar to these feelings, coaching may not work.

If you’re stuck, and want to move ahead, your next step is to get a free 20-minute initial consultation by phone. We’ll see if we’re a good “fit” and if coaching is appropriate for your situation.